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Nurses are generally extremely great at taking care of others. However, most times they ignore their own healthcare. As a Travel Nurse you will be able to achieve the right balance between your work and your personal life. Practicing yoga or just developing an exercise routine will offer tremendous health benefits, both physically and emotionally. There are very few careers that offer the flexibility that Travel Nursing does and seasoned travel nurses have attested to the great improvement in their overall health.
Travel Nurse

Facts About Travel Nursing

Who qualifies to be a travel nurse with New Healthcare Professionals?

Travel nursing opportunities are opened to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Surgical Technologists who have at least a year of clinical experience in a hospital setting.

What is the length of each assignment?

Assignments last between 8 and 26 weeks but on average most contracts are for 13 weeks. Often times there is the option to renew the contract if you want to stay longer. This especially beneficial if you like the particular city in which you are working.

Will I like all my assignments?

There is no guarantee that every assignment will be ideal but our recruitment process ensures that all our candidates are professional and hence will be able to adapt to the specific environment.

Will my family be able to accompany me?

Definitely. In fact, this a great way for you and your family to travel together. Your pets are welcome in most cases, just check to see if the accommodations are pet friendly. Though you might have to pay an additionally for housing but there are ways to reduce that cost.

Can I pick my city?

The preferred destination may not immediately be available, but there are still many great travel opportunities until your preferred city is available. But frequently you will always be able to choose your destination.

What’s the pay like?

New Healthcare Professionals compensation package varies based on skill level, specialty, and the particular state. Travel nursing is in high demand which guarantees an above average renumeration so New Healthcare Professionals will pay accordingly. Additionally, we will pay for your housing while on assignment. We also, have great bonus programs and provide retirement, medical, and dental benefits

What about benefits like vacation and health insurance?

New Healthcare Professionals offer both health insurance and retirement with matching. We only require that you take no more than 30 days off to maintain your health insurance. If you have to take off for extended periods it is recommended that you obtain your own health insurance.

We do not offer Paid Time-Off or short-term disability. We recommend that you also obtain some type of accident insurance so that you have some income coming in if you are unable to work.

Who pays for all of my living expenses?

New Healthcare Professionals will pay for your housing, furnish it, set up your utilities and pay the monthly bill. Cable and internet access would have to be done at your own expense. There is also the option of taking the housing stipend and finding your own place to stay. If this is the case then all of the living expenses are your responsibility.

Will I still be paid If the assignment time is reduced because of a low census?

You will not get paid if this is the cause. However, we will always be proactive in finding a new assignment.

What is an extension assignment?

In some cases, the facility will communicate with us the desire to extend the assigned period. This usually occurs 3-5 weeks before the assignment ends. You will always have the option of accepting or rejecting the offer.

Can I travel with another travel nurse?

New Healthcare Professionals encourages nurses traveling together to assignments. It reduces the impact of persons being alone as nurses can decide to share living facilities. We therefore implore our candidates to make these requests.

How will working as a travel nurse affect future employment?

Travel nursing actually increases skillset and overall competence as every facility has its own unique way of executing nursing procedures and you get exposed to difference specialties making the assignee more rounded. A travel nurses resume is more impressive because of these reasons.

Can I take a travel assignment close to my home?

There are established rules that seek to protect local permanent nurses which require assignments to be within 50 to 100 miles from a candidate’s home. If our candidates require to be closer to their family and friends we will gladly find assignment within this range. In fact, about 80% of first time traveling nurses work within their home state or a neighboring state, this according to the National Student Nurses Association.

What are standard travel nurse hours?

The typical hours are five 8hr shifts, four 10hr shifts or three 12hr shifts. Giving you time to do whatever you want.

How long has travel nursing been around? Will demand for travel nurses fall?

Travel nursing companies started operations in the 1980s as a result of nursing shortages. Demand for travel nurses has been strong since then. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a shortage of 3.4 million nurses by 2020. As medical facilities need more RNs the need for travel nurses will grow, possibly faster than the number of nurses in general.