What Makes Us Different


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“Remember you are very important to us”

Your Success Is Our Highest Priority

Earning our Clients’ trust is the basis of our existence

We employ a process that emphasizes thoroughness, timely communication and accountability. Our clients can depend on us to present high-caliber candidates with incomparable consistency. We also pledge to be positive ambassadors of our company’s image and brand.

Whether your goal is to fill a vacancy, hire for short term needs or filling an unplanned opening quickly, finding the best talent can be complex and time consuming. New Healthcare Professional provides comprehensive services and expertise to facilitate the hiring process – researching, locating, screening to coordinating and interviewing the potential candidate. This allows you and your managers to focus on achieving your goals and growing your business.

What Differentiates our Recruiters

We will never misrepresent the facts.  We will always pay keen attention to the details that affect every phase of the recruitment process. We will ensure that there is a clear understanding and management of your expectations and values as it relates to ours.  This will be the way that we differentiate New Healthcare Professionals by ensuring that the new hires recommended by us will excel professionally and believe in the standards and goals set by us.

Our Process

Our formula for ensuring excellence is our process. New Healthcare Professionals has tailored a process that will fit the preferences, needs, and objectives for both our candidates and clients. To guarantee an efficient, thorough and effective search, every assignment we undertake will follow a basic fundamental, five-step approach. Carefully completing each step of this process saves time, helps to avoid costly mis-steps and ensure successful hires.

New Healthcare Professionals will offer two types of recruitment service agreements: Engaged and Contingent. Our fundamental approach will be the same for both, even though there are important differences in each approach, starting with the primary objective for each service.

Engaged Recruitment

With Engaged Recruitment we will offer our services as the exclusive recruiter, with complete responsibility for the hiring outcome. Our focus goes far beyond finding qualified candidates. Our primary objective is to find the best talent that is a good fit for your organization, candidates who are likely to be your organizations top performers.

Contingent Recruitment

With Contingent Recruitment, we will be one of multiple recruiters sourcing candidates for the clients’ organization. Our primary objective will be to submit the most qualified candidates for client interviews in an expedited manner. Since multiple recruiters are competing to be the first to submit candidates for interviews, the time spent understanding the opportunity, building the candidate pool, and vetting qualified candidates must be streamlined.