Traveling Nurse Salary and Benefits

New Healthcare Professionals travel assignments range from four (4) to thirteen (13) weeks. Our compensation is extremely competitive complete with a substantial benefits packages in the industry. Our clients will be able to choose from hundreds of destinations across the country and enjoy the adventure, experience and benefits of travel nursing.

Competitive Salary

In many instances the remuneration will be better than that of full-time permanent nursing jobs. But in every instance, we will reward loyalty.

Guaranteed minimum number of hours

We guarantee a minimum number of hours and for those candidates that qualify we will offer 25% of the expected salary for the hours not worked because of low census.

Sign-on, completion and referral bonuses

Every nurse who travels with us will receive a Sign on Bonus and for every completed assignment there will be a Completion Bonus. We also offer a Referral Bonus to our nurses who refer their friends and colleagues. Nurses who work with us for at least three (3) assignments will qualify for a Loyalty Bonus. Speak to your recruiter for further details.

Medical, dental and life insurance

We offer free liability insurance, affordable health coverage and dental coverage to all our travel nurse. Although we do not offer life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment we will offer access to those coverages if you choose. At this time, we do not offer 401(k).

Corporate Housing vs Housing Stipend

For all our nurses who choose, we offer free corporate housing with amenities to make you feel at home. The other available option is a housing stipend to cover the expense of accommodation.

Travel reimbursement

All travel expenses that are incurred at the start and completion of each assignment will be reimbursed. Nurses who qualify for our loyalty program will be able to fly one leg of their travel first class.


We want to ensure that all our nurses are comfortable while on assignment. We guarantee that you will be able to contact us at all times. However, if you call and get no response please leave a detailed message with your name and number. If you choose to contact us via our website please include a detailed description of the issue.

Direct deposit

New Healthcare Professionals guarantees that on the Friday of the second week worked and every subsequent Friday your salary will be deposited to your account without delay. Our partners offer the convenience and security electronic direct deposit of your salary. There will be no need for concern about delayed checks or making bank deposits.